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is the acronym of Information and Communication Technology). It is also used as a form of intervention in Autistic Syndromes. It is a work modality that uses IT tools to enhance the learning, communication and socialization of these subjects.

Its use must be individualized on the characteristics, preferences and needs of the individual patient. There are no predefined paths for computer use and educational software. It is therefore appropriate to compare the family, operators and experts for the identification of objectives and means.

Usually autistic individuals do not need expensive additional equipment. Many tasks can be created with tools already on your computer (such as PowerPoint). Rehabilitation educational software can be purchased that can be extremely useful depending on the purpose. Hardware aids can also be used: for example, for some children who approach the computer it may be useful to use touch screen, rather than the mouse.promot


Through the use of ICT it is possible to: propose a variety of activities, foresee the possibility of generalizing learning through new means, preparing activities and teaching cards (reproducibility of the material), identifying moments of play autonomously.